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How to take care of my candles

Precautions for use while burning a Wax Petal candle

- Never leave a candle burning unattended, place your candle in heights.

- Avoid burning the candle in a draught, as this could cause the wax to burn unevenly.

- Do not let your candle burn near a source of heat, draft or ventilation.

- Do not let several candles burn side by side.

- Do not move your candle while burning.

- Do not leave your candle burning for more than 30min for a candle weighing less than 50g, no more than 1 hour for a 75g candle and no more than 2h30 for candles weighing more than 150g.

- If you observe that the wick tilts towards the wax bath to the point of touching it when the candle burns, extinguish it, center it with pliers and, after the candle has cooled, cut the candle. excess wick length before relighting.

How do I recycle my candle?

How about making your candle wax last longer?

- Reuse your scented wax with your burner, indeed your consumer candle still saves your favorite fragrance, to fully enjoy it, melt it.

- Wax is an excellent remedy against doors and drawers that stick and squeak.

- Did you know that the wax is waterproof, you can use it to prevent the formation of mold and protect your white tile joints.

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Which perfumes to choose?

A little reminder to help you select the perfume according to your tastes:

- CYPRUS: wood accord, flower moss, patchouli, iris, carnation and cistus labdanum

- FOUGERE: bergamot, lavender, geranium, marine cour and oak moss accord

- HESPÉRIDES: citrus essences, fresh and light fruit accord

- FLORAL: even evocation of a flower or a floral bouquet

- FRUITY: fruity and tangy notes based on a floral base

- LEATHER: dry notes of leather, tobacco and smoke, very singular

- BOISE: accord of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver.

- AMBER: oriental scents full of sensuality.

- ORIENTAL: gray amber accord, tonka bean, vanilla, resin, incense.


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